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Crime Victim Compensation

What Is Crime Victim Compensation?

Crime Victim Compensation is a government program (versus crime victim restitution which is when you are compensated by the person who harmed you).  

As a victim of a violent crime, you're entitled to compensation to help pay for a variety of your expenses including counseling, medical care (dental, chiropractic, etc.), your travel costs to receive treatment, moving costs (such as in the case of domestic violence), and housekeeping and child care if you're unable to perform these tasks for a period of time.  States vary in the services they provide to you as a victim of crime including grants and domestic violence funds and automated victim notification systems that alert you to information pertraining to your case via phone, web or email.  In most states, there does not have to be an arrest or prosecution in order for you to receive compensation.

Many trauma herapists and other health care workers specially trained in caring for survivors (dentists, chiropractors, etc.) are listed as providers for their state's Crime Victim Compensation Boards and are able to help you fill out the appropriate paperwork as a part of their service. edWind

Starting the Process for Compensation

To learn more about compensation payments, reporting requirements and to access an application, please contact your state Victim Compensation program from the list below:

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