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Gentle Healing for Couples

Couples & Intimacy Following Trauma

Couples and their intimate relationships often suffer following a trauma which is to be expected, even during therapy for an adult addressing childhood trauma.

Dissociation (the feeling that one is hovering outside one's body; almost floating in a sense, watching things happen) and flashbacks (the reliving of an event as if it were actually happening) are two very common occurances that can seriously impact your intimacy with your partner, as well, of course, your sexuality.  

You are a sexual being and deserving of a rich sexual relationship with your partner.  It's critical that your partner be aware of your feelings and emotions so that he or she understands what you are experiencing when you are intimate and can meet your needs while still addressing his or her own.  

Working on recreating an intimate relationship would ideally also involve working on body trauma issues at the same time so you can reestablish the positive aspects of touch.  Treatment strategies such as combining sex therapy and body trauma massage are particularly helpful for many clients.  Pelvic release massage provided by highly trained, experience massage therapists and physical therapists have proven very helpful for many of my clients.