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What Is Childhood Trauma?

Child abuse is technically defined as the "physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of a child", however, neglect is also considered a form of child abuse in many states.  We primarily address sexual abuse foro you here and more specifically, the long-lasting effects that this abuse has had on you and your relationships, whether months or even decades prior.

Functioning well as an adult, even over-achieving, is not uncommon, however, anxiety, depression, guilt, an inability to trust those close you, a loss of self esteem, and certainly discomfort, even avoidance of intimacy, may be very familiar feelings for you.

Many clients who have experienced child abuse reach out for help in the midst of their reproductive years or shortly after becoming new moms themselves.  This is a time of life in particular when women become actuely aware of the vulenrability and fragile nature of a child and the loss of their own childhood becomes magnified.  Whether you're in your 20's, 40's, 60's or beyond, you needn't feel embarrassed to seek help; it's truly never too late to find the peace and freedom that you're seeking.

The most overt forms of child abuse, physical and sexual, are horrendous.  Another insidious form of child abuse, sometimes accompanying physical and sexual abuse, sometimes not, is emotional abuse or abandonment.  One of the most enlightening examples of how neglect, even for a moment, can raise stress and anxiety in a child is demonstrated by Dr. Edward Tronick of the University of Massachusetts called the Stil Face research experiment below:  Imagine while you're watching the video below, the devastating effects of 18 years of neglect:

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